Matthew Griffiths is an education provider and personal trainer within the fields of health and fitness. He is an ambassador for CASALL sportswear,  POLAR heart rate monitors, PROCEDOS, BMC Bicycles, SENSA and VIVOBAREFOOT.

Griffiths has presented his ideas in over 25 countries at events such as Asia Fit, Ihrsa and Filex.  He has also been consulting with companies such as KIA motors, Shell, SAS and Sony.

He developed the 70 workouts in the CASALL T.O.D – Training of the Day which has now over 500,000 users. Griffiths also co-developed the CASALL HIT concept, and is featured in the  CASALL H.I.T IPhone training app Working as a PROCEDOS Master trainer, he teaches industry professionals and consults for organizations such as Y.M.C.A, AFPT and The Academy PT school. Visit yogobe to download Matthew’s movement and body weight workouts.

He has been used as a reference in several books and publications such as ELLE, MensHealth, GQ, SHAPE magazine, Esquire Vogue, Womens health.


"I focus on developing our ability to move and perform with control, strength and rhythm. I works towards movement fluidity, whether running, riding bikes, body work practice"

My training is diverse as I integrate and fuse many training forms into one. It is process of exploring the possibility and capability of what your body can achieve that I find interesting.

There is something charming about training contrasts, the contrasts between environments, speeds and challenges which makes them exciting.

I highlight the importance of conditioning your movement first, as this creates the platform for moving well. Building space into the joint structures and elasticity into the soft tissue enables the body to move efficiently through 3D space. Whether you are a athlete or want that joyful athletic feeling to play with your kids. As moving well in 3D space is essential for optimal physical performance.

I work with 3DFT (dimensional functional training), which in short is conditioning the body to move in multiple planes of motion, which is promoting human function. I use tools such as medicine balls and PROCEDOS P9 to load the movement action.

As we understand that to develop true authentic functional strength, which gives the most impact when we discuss training and the cross over to sports and life. I promote training both indoors and outdoors and aim to integrate the same strategies as much as possible in all environments. I pay attention to conditioning the bio systems such as balance, respiratory, reflex, and reaction systems, In turn keeps the body alert and sharp both athletically and mentally. Which is ultimately what we all want!